OD Written Interviews

Acceptance on Display

Amanda, 19,  joins the Discussion to share her perspective on addiction growing up in Owosso. She shares her experience dating a drug addict, talks about his attempts at suicide by overdose, and gives her thoughts on rehab in America.

Spiritual Awakenings

JP talks with me in detail about my overdose, the reason for why I stopped using, and my parents divorce.  We walk through my history with depression, over medication, and what I consider to be my rock bottom.

12 Step Success

Jess Kessler joins the Discussion to share her story.  She walks us through her progression into substance abuse, the reasons behind why she started using in the first place, and the impact it has had on her life.

My Snapshot

A contributor with OD interviews me in this discussion.  We talk about my past, my progression into substance abuse, my vision for the movement, and where I would like to see it go. I hope this provides additional insight into who I am.

Collateral Pain

This Discussion is between OD and a 34 year old mother.   She shares the story of how her child’s father, who chose drugs over the support of family and the pleas to get help. She talks about her feelings on addiction and the toll this took on her personally.

Discussion Among Strangers

At a community kitchen a contributor for Open Discussion noticed spoons were disappearing at an unsual rate. A young lady approached and asked why spoons would be the only utensil to vanish.  To our contributor the implication was clear.

When is it Addiction

This Discussion takes place with a 22 year old college student.  She shares her view on the stigma of addiction, provides rationalization for her use of substances, and explains her view of the difference between dependency and recreational use.

Westcoast Perspective

This interview between OD expands on our Discussion with the perspective of a 25 year old Los Angeles native who has dealt with addiction in his family. We talk about what he has done to ensure a healthy balance.

Ghosts of our Past

This Discussion is with a twenty-three year old single mother who comes from a family with numerous addicts. She discusses the some of her experiences, her thoughts on rehab, and what she thinks of OD.

Inherited Pain

This Discussion takes place between myself and a friend who has dealt with the struggles of being the child of parents with addiction.  She has faced her own issues with drugs as well as molestation among other adversities.

Recognizing Detachment

Discussion between O.D. and a student at Michigan State University double majoring in Psychology and Sociology offers his perspective on the issue of addiction. He shares his personal experiences in watching classmates struggle with drug use.

Secondhand Pain

The following interview was conducted with an individual coming to terms with the role addiction played in his struggles. The dialogue was moving and helped someone become more aware of the struggles faced in their inner circle.

Initiating Dialogue

Open Discussion Apparel is committed to furthering the dialogue on addiction.  We believe content like this is valuable because it aligns with the spirit of our vision to create. If you know anyone who might find strength in our message please send it along.

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