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Happy 2019! Taylor Lewinski joins me in this Discussion. What made this such an exciting interview was that Taylor offered insight into a perspective that we had not previously spoken with, someone who grew up with an addicted parent. Usually guests tell me their views on drugs and addiction have progressed over time, this wasn’t the case for Taylor.  This was fascinating because it showed her deep, next level understanding on the topics discussed. Taylor talks about what it was like growing up with a father who struggled with drug addiction for the first 12 years of her life. Thankfully their story has a happy ending, Taylor and her father now have an excellent relationship. Although she admits that there are pieces of her childhood that she’s subconsciously blocked out. 

What We Discuss with Taylor:

  • Taylor shares what it was like to grow up with the trauma of having a parent struggling with active addiction.
  • She discusses her relationship with a high school boyfriend, a heroin addict, who died from overdose two years after their breakup.
  • She gives us her thoughts on the social stigma of addiction.
  • We talk about the standard of drug education in schools as well as 12 Step programs.

This podcast was a lot of fun to conduct and the result is an excellent episode touching on a wide range of viewpoints from an entirely new perspective. As always you can join our discussion on social media instagram and twitter at ODMovement and facebook at Open Discussion Apparel.

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