Outside Perspective Vol. III

I talk with my mom, Becky Kerouac, to understand her perspective on drug addiction in today’s America.  In addition, she shares her thoughts on how two of her children progressed into substance dependency, describes how her view on addicts has changed over time, and provides her explanation as to why this is a growing problem.  We also discuss her thoughts on the programs we currently have in place and substance education in our country.

A Discussion with Mom

This discussion was difficult, evident in the uncomfortable tone in my mom’s voice. “It was just really super hard on me. I wondered if I did something wrong, you know?  I would start to look for… was it the divorce? Why would you guys want to turn to drugs and overdose and all that. I began to second guess myself, what kind of mom was I and could I have done things different.”

We talk about the current solutions available. According to her, “the rehabs are definitely good but you’ve certainly got to want to be healthy.  I think a lot of people go into rehab because they’re forced or maybe they’re court ordered and their heart’s not in it and they don’t want to change”.

Most people may prefer sweeping such a painful period behind them. Above all, my mom shows her courage in powering through the discussion to offer her perspective on better addressing the problem –  “[Areas] where so much Vicodin is being prescribed, they can target these places and doctors and say there’s no way it’s not being abused there. There’s no way it’s being prescribed correctly.  A lot can be done and I don’t think it’s being done quick enough”.

In conclusion, my mom tells me her feelings on the OD Movement. “I think it’s great, the more people that are out there talking about it can only raise more awareness.  I think what you’re is really good to try and get people talking about it and then trying to raise money for the [Narcan]”.

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