Outside Perspective Vol. I

Welcome to the OD Movement. This podcast provides the first perspective in a series of secondhand looks into my story.  My stepmom, Terri, joins me to share her perspective on my fall into addiction. We discuss her thoughts regarding drug abuse as a whole facing the country, the progression of the disease for both my brother and me, what she thinks she could have done differently, and what she thinks I could have done.  In addition, we discuss the passing of my grandmother in December and the relapse it resulted in for my brother.

Terri Kastros

Terri’s views on addiction have changed over the years, “Back then I viewed it more as a weakness in the character of the person rather than an illness…. But I see it as an illness now, rather than a character flaw”.  We walk through the drug progression of my brother and me beginning in high school. Part of the issue, according to Terri, was a lack of discipline, “I think the problem was that every time either you or he was caught for whatever reason, either the legal system or us as parents, were too easy on you”.  

What We Discuss with Terri:

  • Terri shares her perspective, looking back, on when she believes things started turning into an issue.
  • We talk about the role manipulation played in our story.
  • She explains what it was like finding me unconscious after an overdose.
  • Terri discusses her thoughts on the impact my grandmother’s death played, particularly in my brother’s story.

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