The Outside Perspectives Series

The Outside Perspective Series Vol. VI

This is the sixth installment to our Outside Perspective series, in it my younger brother, Ben Kastros, joins the Discussion to share his perspective. Ben discusses how addiction has impacted his life, not directly, but by consuming a number of his siblings.  We touch base on a wide range of topics ranging from drug abuse to religion and living with purpose. 

Outside Perspective Vol. V

In the fifth installment in our Outside Perspective Series my youngest brother, Matt Kerouac, joins our Discussion. He shares his thoughts on spending his entire life in the sphere of impact brought on by addiction.

Outside Perspective Vol. IV

Pete Kastros, my brother, joins our Discussion in the fourth installment of our Outside Perspective series. We discuss his feelings towards me for introducing him to drugs, what it’s like going to rehab, and his ongoing struggles.

Outside Perspective Vol. III

My mom, Becky Kerouac, joins us in the third of our Outside Perspective Series. She shares her thoughts on how two of her children progressed to addiction, discusses the impact this has had on her, and explains how her view on addicts has changed.

Outside Perspective Vol. II

My stepdad, Ken Kerouac, talks with us in the second installment to our Outside Perspective Series. He explains what it was like to have an alcoholic father and we discuss the similarities and differences between drug and alcohol addiction.

Outside Perspective Vol. I

My stepmom, Terri Kastros, talks with me to start the Outside Perspective series. Our first look at viewing addiction from an outside lens. We discuss our story and provide suggestions for those experiencing similar struggles.

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