The OD Movement Podcast Season One Featuring: Wade Muhlhauser

Wade’s Story & The Impact of Plugged in Recovery

Wade Mulhauser

Wade Muhlhauser was a three star athlete in high school. He went on to play baseball in college and at the amateur level.  He got introduced to opioids in high school following a football injury, marking the start of his progression into addiction.  Wade shares his personal story, explaining how his active addiction took off. Which happened when he could no longer get Oxycontin so he went to other opioids.  He shares the impact addiction had on a serious relationship and how it caused everything to fall apart two months before their wedding.  Currently Wade operates Plugged in Recovery. An online community created for people to find support, articles, and resources to aid in their struggles.

What We Discuss with Wade:

  • Wade and I talk about the difference between addiction and chemical dependency.
  • He tells me about his education in drugs growing up, going through the DARE program.
  • Wade talks about his recovery and the important role 12 Step Programs have played in it.
  • He discusses his views on addiction growing up, how his opinion shifted from being something you could will your way out of to seeing a disease.
  • Wade gives his opinion on what could help better address the problem. Specifically, he suggests putting more options together for people to get help and getting better education through schooling. Stricter guidelines on the medical field is also important when it comes to prescribing narcotics as well as alternative medicine.
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