The OD Movement Podcast Season One Feat. Zach Salamon

The Zach Salamon Trilogy Episode II

Here is part two of the Zach Salamon (click here for part one) Trilogy. Zach grew up in Saginaw and has spent most of his life in the area.  The two of us met in high school and had very similar backgrounds growing up.  Zach has a deep love of film receiving his degree in Cinematography from Grand Valley State University.  He manages a movie theater and has volunteered to help with Open Discussions filming (Youtube to come).

What We Discuss with Zach Salamon in episode II:

  • While episode one highlighted a micro focus on addiction, in this episode Zach talks about use at the macro level.
  • Zach discusses drug use during times of war, the Vietnam War in particular, and the interesting fact that most soldiers who used heroin during war time returned to a sober lifestyle.
  • An expert in cinematography, Zach shares his thoughts on how film played a role in shaping public opinion on drugs.
  • Zach shares his perspective on the rat park addiction study. 
  • He also talks about the blurred lines in regard to what makes an addict, and we even discuss addiction in the world of sports.

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