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The Hope and Jaime Show

In this episode I’m joined by a fellow Brighton alum Jaime Fessler.   The two of us met recently when I attended an event done by her and her daughter Hope. The duo puts on the Hope and Jamie show, a talk show style engagement with a light upbeat tone where they tackle heavy issues such as addiction, substance dependency, and sexual abuse. Their life motto is survive to thrive and the pair are accepting bookings at no cost for anyone interested in hearing about there story of strength over topics including addiction, being the child of an alcoholic, as well as sexual and domestic abuse along with skills and practical how to’s to implement in these situations.


Jaime got married young, at 19 years old, and jumped right into motherhood having three children.  After almost 10 years of marriage she divorced and it was then that her drinking really became an issue. After getting out of the controlling relationship as Jaime puts it, she started drinking because she could.  She got into an abusive relationship and her drinking went from social and turned into a coping mechanism. It was at that point that the alcohol started controlling her.  Over the next six years Jaime’s drinking progressed to the point where it became a problem.  At her bottom Jaime went to her doctor to tell him about her addiction and his response was to put her on Xanax along with another sedative.  As you might imagine that didn’t go well, resulting in a hospital trip from an overdose.  When she got home from the hospital she realized she had taken around 20 of them the night of the the OD.  Three days later she was in Brighton Center for Recovery.  That was in the spring of 2014 and I’m happy to say Jaime’s been in a much better place sense.

Want to book the Hope and Jaime Show? You can do so by getting in touch with Jaime on her Facebook page, you can call her at 231-218-6696 or send her an email at  Also be sure to subscribe to our monthly State of the Movement newsletter to be entered into promotional giveaways, receive exclusive content, and keep up to date on all the happenings of the OD Movement.

What We Discuss with Jaime:

  • She tells us about The Hope and Jamie show.
  • Jaime shares her opinion on addiction and the stigma that comes along with it.
  • She opens up about growing up in a home with an alcoholic father, her own alcohol use, and how it progressed up until the point where she realized it had become a problem.
  •  Jaime and I discuss substance abuse education in schools.  She shares her experience with Just Say No campaign, and we share our thoughts on what a better education system might look like.


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