State of the Movement: Dec. 2018

Happy holidays from the Open Discussion Movement to you! The purpose of this episode is to share the direction the ODMovement will be taking in 2019 as well as a look back at all that we’ve accomplished in 2018.  Thank you for your support of my vision.  In all honesty, if the idea hadn’t been received so positively we wouldn’t be continuing into 2019.  

There’s going to be a ton of changes to what we do going into new year.  We are making a shift away from apparel being our primary focus so we can focus entirely on initiating dialogue and producing content.  Including the completion of my book, Memoirs of an Addict, my goal is to have a manuscript completed by February

For our next project, We’ve begun piecing together concepts for an all new drug education program that’s unlike anything to date.  The plan is in the very early stages, but what I can tell you is it will be vastly more comprehensive than what’s currently in place.  The program will consist of six modules, one a week, over the course of six weeks  and will be geared towards students between 6th and 8th grade.  It will have an interactive and practical focus, with my goal being to have the proposal drafted up before the start of the next school year.  

OD’s third order of business.  We will be launching the Open Discussion Youtube channel in the near future. A special thanks to Kelly Carmien for volunteering her expert marketing advice and strongly encouraging me to move forward with video, to Zach Salamon who has volunteered to be OD’s video and multimedia advisor, and to Taylor Lewinski for being the first guest to appear on video.  We’re still figuring out just how we’ll be utilizing the channel, or what exactly the video’s will consist of, but we will pump some out with regularity.  

And of course the OD podcasts.  We will continue producing content for as long as people with valuable perspectives are interested in sitting down to have an Open Discussion with me and for as long as people want to listen.  Unless I run out of guests, we’ll be continuing to release a new podcast once a week on Monday. I have some exciting out of state interviews lined up, and even an international one out of Australia.   If you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast please send me a message on social media or email.  You can join our discussion on social media twitter and insta at ODMovement and Facebook at open discussion apparel.  For the second half of this episode I’m joined by JP to further discuss what’s going on and to reminisce on 2018.  Once again thank you for your support!


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