OD Movement Podcast: Shawn Casey (Gift of Addiction)

Shawn Casey: Gift of Addiction

Gym owner, author, motivationalist, and coach Shawn Casey joins us to kick off our second season of the OD Movement Podcast. Shawn shares with me his story and we discuss the basics to his “Gift of Addiction” program. You’ll notice more of a focus on specific action items that you or someone you love might be able to implement or use in everyday life.

Shawn owns and operates Bellevue Results Fitness gym in Bellevue Washington, however he’s more than your average gym owner. Sure there’s the incredible physique; but along with that there’s one book written in the process of publication, a second book in the works, an eight week recovery course, and an active social media presence. Shawn has made it his purpose to teaches others the lessons addiction taught him.

Shawn’s Story

Shawn’s earliest memories growing up take place in the back of an old hippie VW Bus traveling from Connecticut to the west coast, the Haight-Ashbury, at the height of the 1960s. Shawn recalls the experience as being ‘sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll; and Jesus’ all rolled into one. After moving back from coast to coast a couple times he had emotionally checked out by the second grade. Some of the highlights of his steady spiral downward into addiction included: Dropping out of high school, Getting kicked out of the military, and becoming involved in the adult film industry. 

OD Movement Podcast: Shawn Casey (Gift of Addiction)
A picture of Shawn shortly after he turned his life around

Shawn’s first taste of sobriety, turning his life around, and using manifestation in his life came after being thrown in jail for four days and being forced to detox off heroin. His dream had always been to own his own gym and be a professional bodybuilder. Within eighteen months from being incarcerated he competed in his first competition and two years from that he was running and part owner of his own gym. One weekend he figured he could blow off some steam and toss back a few beers along with a little coke now and then. Within six months he spiralled into full blown cocaine addiction.

He had read all the books, “listened to all the cassettes”, and knew all the tricks to find outside success; but he hadn’t done the inner work. “If you don’t do the inner work you will not have sustained change, you won’t have long term recovery, you will fall back and be triggered into your old patterns and programming. This happens unconsciously because our subconscious mind is programmed when we’re kids,” (Shawn Casey) . 

Shawn’s “Gift of Addiction”

Late one night after a cocaine binge Shawn took a brutally honest look at his life and decided if it was going to be this way he didn’t want to go on living. In Shawn’s words, “God, show me the way. Show me how to live, show me how to love, because I do not know. This is it, I’m giving you (over my will and my power) and I’m just going to do whatever I’m guided to do.”

Now with 31 years of recovery Shawn has created his own “program” of sorts consisting of seven disciplines and twelve principles. Shawn designed his eight week “Gift of Recovery” program as something to supplement detox or your typical inpatient facility. He’s of the belief that our current healthcare system doesn’t provide enough support for people returning back to day-to-day life. “Rehab culture in our society really doesn’t set people up for long term success,” Shawn says. (An eerily similar development to what was behind our Four Pillars work). Therefore, in Shawn’s case, he created the “Gift of Addiction” program for precisely that group of people.

Gift of Recovery 7 Disciplines:  

  • Sleep 
  • Whole Foods/supplements
  • Exercise/Movement
  • Quiet Time 
  • Pen to Paper 
  • Feed Your Mind
  • Morning & Evening Rituals 

Gift of Recovery 12 Principles: 

OD Movement Podcast: Shawn Casey (Gift of Addiction)
Shawn Casey at his Bellevue gym
  • Taking !00% Responsibility for your Life
  • Consciously connecting with your innervoice  
  • Universal energy/Spirituality   
  • Love and Connection
  • Daily gratitude and appreciation
  • Intuition and Inner guidance   
  • Faith and Beliefs 
  • Mastering your thoughts and reprogramming your Subconscious Mind
  • The Body Holds The Truth
  • Subconsciousness, Consciousness and Unconsciousness
  • Healing your trauma and emotional triggers
  • Giving back to others, community, etc.

Daily Check-Ins: 

  • Upon rising: Set your intentions for the day (5-10mins)
  • Mid-day: How is your energy?  
  • Before going to sleep: Evaluate your day 

Shawn’s advice on overcoming addiction? 

The first step is getting honest with yourself. Quiet your mind and get real. Evaluate your life. Look at your journey, look at your history. If you get really honest the patterns in your life will become crystal clear. You must become accountable, take 100% responsibility in your life, and become committed to getting well. From that taking your inner guidance. You’ve gotta want it as bad as you want the high or the rush. That doesn’t mean you have to hit bottoms. Whenever you choose to turn on the lights. Recognize you can’t figure this out on your own and make the conscious decision that today I’m going to do what I have to to get well. 

Final Thoughts

OD Movement Podcast (Season 2, Episode 1): Shawn Casey

One more special thanks to our guest, Shawn Casey, for taking the time out of his Hawaiian vacation to join in on this Discussion. I really am super excited to be sharing this episode with you as Shawn is incredible and we touch on a wide range of topics. Of note: while recording this interview I ran into some technical difficulties with Shawn’s audioline, so you’ll notice different audio qualities midway through the episode. Sorry about that! 

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