The OD Movement Podcast Season: One Featuring Nic Caildella

Nick & Never Alone Recovery

Nick Cialdella Podcast

Nick Cialdella, an Outreach and Treatment Coordinator at Never Alone Recovery, joins us in this Discussion. Never Alone Recovery is a team of addicts in recovery helping other addicts through the process of finding treatment. There mission is to make the process of finding and entering treatment as simple and effective as possible, while providing support and assistance throughout.

Nick Cialdella

Nick shares his story starting with growing up in what was at times a neglectful, even at times abusive, environment.  His parents separated when he was young. During Nick’s formative years his mother suffered from addiction, while his father had the foresight to set healthy boundaries. While he shares a little on his progression into substance abuse most of our conversation centers around his time in recovery, the role fatherhood has played on his desire to make a change, and how he has found his calling helping out families facing the exact same perils that he once faced. One of the aspects that made Nick’s perspective so refreshing was that he doesn’t sugarcoat recovery. On the contrary, Nick admits that life still kicks you from time to time.

Nick Ciadella & His Son

As Nick puts it, he was a 90s kid. In other words, he was given a Ritalin prescription at five years old, like millions of other youth. This really damaged his perceived value of self. This left him insecure, as the only kid- or one of a select few- being sent to the nurses station everyday around lunch to get a pill that was “supposed” to fix him. The result being conditioning from a young age to believe a substance was the solution for normalcy.

What We Discuss with Nick:

  • Nick opens up about his story detailing his struggles as well as his perseverance. 
  • He gives his thoughts on his addiction, sharing that in his opinion the drugs don’t matter. Nick claims his first addiction was lying: to change his perception of reality and the perception of those around him.
  • He shares his thoughts on the role a family unit can have when a loved one is struggling with substance abuse.
  • Nick tells us what it’s been like being a single father, how his son helped inspire him to make a change, and how he finds joy in being a father active in his sons life.
  • He shares how he has found fun and enjoyment in sobriety, ranging from Six Flags to concerts.
Nick Ciadella & His Son II

Be sure to take a look at Nick’s personal Facebook for inspirational videos and other recovery based content.  If you or anyone you know might benefit from the services provided by Never Alone, or if you just want to check out some more of the cool stuff behind their message, you can find them on FacebookInstagram, or give them a call at (844)-364-4445. You can even call Nick directly at (215)-909-0830 (tell him Nick sent you).

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