The OD Movement Podcast Season One Featuring: Brittany Parsons

Meet Brittany Parsons

Based out of Austin, TX Brittany Parsons does lifestyle coaching for professional women who struggle with emotional eating and food addiction, she has been a personal trainer for the last two years, and she spreads the strength of her message through her work at a psychiatric hospital just to name a few of the incredible ways Brittany is making a difference.  Be sure to check out Brittany’s website as well as follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook.  For those interested in contacting Brittany emails may be sent to:

Brittany is a true warrior with a fascinating story.  The survivor of two sexual assaults dating back to her teen and college years.  The sexual trauma acted as a catalyst to addiction manifesting in her life through both food and substances.  At 23, Brittany was living what looked like her ideal life.  She had just bought her own home, had a good job, and was going to night school for her MBA in pharmaceutical and healthcare business all while being a functioning alcoholic.  However, things begun coming unglued at age 25, and she lost her job because her alcohol use had gotten out of control.  Despite the loss, it wasn’t the end of Brittany’s struggles with addiction, which continued for two more years.

Her illness reached its apex after a conversation with her father, who also had a history of addiction, when he told her his best advice was to just stop.  The conversation led her finding Cross-fit, which has become her passion, and marked the beginning to all the amazing projects she’s a part of to date.

What We Discuss with Brittany:

  • Brittany shares her incredible story of strength and perseverance over addiction.
  • She shares her thoughts on the stigma of addiction and how societies views on the disease have changed over time.
  • We discuss what makes addiction a disease rather than a choice for some people, and how there are often times underlying issues in place.
  • Brittany gives her thoughts on how we can better combat addiction and the stigma it carries in society as well as her views on 12 Step Programs.

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