The OD Movement Podcast Season One Featuring: Alex Stark

Meet Alex Stark

Incarceration can have a way of changing a man.  Having your freedom taken away serving as the wakeup call some with addictive tendencies sorely need.  This was the case, on some level, for Alex Stark.

There was a period where I went to jail, I got pulled over by the state police and they gave me a DUI for being high.  That was one of the biggest impacts, actually going to jail… Holy shit I could be stuck in here for potentially, depending what happens, the rest of your life.  That really made me slow down for a long time, and you know it actually didn’t necessarily make me slow down, but it really made me think you’ve got to be more safe about how you do things.  Not recklessly.

Alex is quick to recognize the importance of strong family bonds had on his experience, he reflects on his inner circle, and expresses genuine gratitude to be blessed with such a supportive family.  We were both a part of Heritage High Schools 2008 graduating class, although we weren’t especially close in school. In fact, the two of us hadn’t spoken in ten years and we reconnected by chance at a Halloween party.  Alex was particularly curious about OD and, after a few days, was stoked for the opportunity to be a guest. This was an interesting podcast for me and I really enjoyed our dialogue. In it Alex and I discuss:

  • How Alex view on drugs has progressed over time and how his assumption of addiction only happening among the lower class contributed to his abuse.
  • The escalation of Alex substance abuse over almost a decade, beginning late in high school.
  • Alex and I even touch on religion and the role a lack of community involvement contributes to addictive tendencies.

In the interview I make reference to the number of females in rehab who report being the victim of sexual assault available here as well as the history of drug use among US soldiers in Vietnam available here.  Please send this along to anyone who might benefit and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Instagram!



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