OD Movement Podcast Season One Featuring: Lora (12-Step Recovery)

Lora & 12-Step Recovery

Lora, a person in long term recovery, joins us in this episode to share her experience, strength, and hope. In this episode she walks us through her progression from alcohol to drug use as well as how her view on drugs have changed over time. She talks about how anxiety was something she struggled with and how it helped fuel her addiction.
Lora talks about raising a family while being an addict.  She tells me how she would plan her binges around her families activities so she would be ok by the time her husband and kids got home.  She opens up about what it was like to live a facade as a normal suburban housewife. Where she was the PTA Vice President while inside dying for substances. It took her 7 years going in and out of recovery before she finally achieved long term sobriety. Lora’s substance abuse started with alcohol; however it was pills, downers, benzodiazepines to be exact that truly led to her undoing.  The pills became an issue around the time Lora turned 30 after having surgery for ulcerative colitis Lora got out of her addiction through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and not a drug rehabilitation program. She went to rehabilitation treatment one time and left against medical advice after ten days because she felt a disconnect in her treatment.  In her own words over ten days of treatment there was only one lesson she could relate to and that had to do with cross addiction. Lora believes going to rehab, even though it didn’t lead her to sobriety, saved her life because things were so unmanageable that she might have committed suicide. It took seven years after attending treatment for her to reach sobriety.  We talk about how changing the approach to treatment could lead to greater success for more people. Lora talks about what changed.  She credits Alcoholics Anonymous for changing her life.  At one point she had a sponsor who gave her a profound bit of advice, “quit the keep coming back stuff and just stay.”  A lightbulb went off and she’s been clean ever sense. Lora talks about how she’s living her best life now as her and her husband enjoy traveling. Her kids are now grown and out of the house. She just turned 52 and shares what drug education was like for her growing up. We share our thoughts on what drug education should look like and give our opinions on why the current drug epidemic came into existence.

What we Discuss with Lora:

  • Lora discusses what it was like being a suburban housewife who was addicted.
  • She shares her thoughts on addiction treatment and how we might do a better job reaching more people.
  • She gives her thoughts on how the program of Alcoholics Anonymous saved her life.
  • Lora and I discuss how the current drug epidemic came into existence.
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