The OD Movement Podcast Season: One Featuring Lauren Kalfs

Lauren Kalfs & Addiction in the Family

Lauren Kalfs, a social work student at Delta College, joins us in this Discussion. We discuss her experiences growing up with an alcoholic father, she shares her thoughts on addiction, and she talks about what inspires her to make a difference.

Lauren Kalfs

Lauren talks about how her experience with addiction has come second hand.  She grew up with an father who didn’t fit your typical view of an addict. According to Lauren, is surprised her, “he still took care of what he had to take care of so I never saw him as somebody who an alcoholic until he said it to me… I didn’t see it”.  

Lauren’s family experience with addiction in the family goes beyond her father.  Her uncle died of a drug overdose when she was 13, and according to Lauren, “I think that it almost made him get worse instead of better”. Thankfully her father is doing much better having been in recovery for three years now.  Nonetheless, her family still downplays the role alcohol plays. “All of my dad’s family still drinks, they think my dad’s wrong for saying he’s an addict now. For instance, even on his birthday two months ago my cousin said do you really think your dad’s an alcoholic.  I said yes, and she said well my mom doesn’t”.

What We Discuss with Lauren:

  • We discuss what makes an addict.
  • Lauren shares her story growing up with an alcoholic father.
  • She discusses her experience with the perception of addicts working in a local ER.
Lauren Kalfs and her Dad
Lauren with her Dad

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