The OD Movement Podcast Season One Featuring Jen Elizabeth (Shape of a Woman)

Jen Elizabeth & Shape of a Women Pt. 2

Jen Elizabeth

Part Two of the O.D. Movement’s Discussion with Jen Elizabeth author of the new book Shape of a Woman. If you haven’t already heard Part One I strongly encourage you go back and listen to the first half before jumping into the climactic sequel to her story. Sidenote: be sure and check out our book review of Shape of a Woman.

A brief summary of where we left off:  A 26 year old Jen is locked up, during this stint in jail she reached out to her parents and told them for the first time of the sexual abuse she endured at five.  Although it would be another eight years before Jen achieved sobriety, this period of incarceration had a profound effect on her.  While on the verge of breaking, she allowed herself to cry for the first time in years. Done out of sorrow for the little girl she used to be.

Jen’s Story: Pt. II

In the middle of serving a four year sentence in prison Jen had an experience that would change her life forever. An instance she herself could only describe as Divine Intervention.   After sharing her incredible story we touch on a number of topics; ranging from her approach  to parenting substance abuse as well as drug education in schools and twelve step programs.  One of my favorite interactions in our discussion came when asking Jen her thoughts on the stigma of addiction:

I think the stigma of addiction makes sense, but the stigma of recovery is bullshit.  I mean, I think the stigma of addiction is right addicts do rob people, addict do commit crimes, addicts do bleed the system dry.  Shit, I did everyone I know did.  We are menace to society the stigma of addiction I get but the stigma of recovery.  We live in shame in our addiction, but I’ll be damned if I live in shame about me living in recovery.  That’s the part that needs to change.

– Jen Elizabeth

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What We Discuss with Jen:

  • Jen’s opinion on: The war on drugs and the war on addiction  
  • She touches on the difference between addiction and chemical dependency. 
  • She believes that he war on drugs- on addicts and addiction- is a war on people that are seriously damaged.
  • Jen gives her thoughts on how we can better combat the issues of drugs and addiction in society. 
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