The OD Movement Podcast Season One Featuring: Anonymous

An Anonymous Open Discussion

In this episode my guest wished to remain anonymous.  He is a Saginaw native who has dealt with drug addiction for nearly ten years.  As you’ll hear he and I have very different views on the topics discussed.  Anonymous believes there are both positive and negative sides to recreational drug use. Although he believes drugs can be positive, he does acknowledge they can be evil. While he has dealt with addiction in the past he believes his current use is under control, which isn’t something I totally agree with.  He claims the only negative effect of drug use he currently experiences come from the financial aspect.

Anonymous shares a little about his story, explaining he has a love/hate relationship with drugs, as well as the effects he has seen on those around him.  For the most part we talk drug use at the macro level and how its impacts in society have changed over time.  Anonymous is of the belief that since we have opioid receptors in our brain that we’ve evolved over time to need the drugs.  In his opinion you should be able to grow, cultivate and put into your body substances as you please.

What We Discuss with Anonymous:

  • We debate the concept of blanket legalization.
  • We share conflicting views on 12 Step programs.
  • We touch on the role the mass production and marketing of painkillers has fueled addiction.
  • We discuss how the use of opioids have progressed over the course of human history, particularly in America over the course of our nations history.
  • We talk about my all-time favorite scientific experiment, the rat park experiment, which theorizes the cause of addiction can often be contributed to the lack of a community.

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