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Lora and 12-Step: The OD Movement

Lora & 12-Step Recovery

Lora, a person in long term recovery, joins us in this episode to share her experience, strength, and hope. In this episode she walks us through her progression from alcohol to drug use as well as how her view on drugs have changed over time. She talks about how anxiety was something she struggled with and how it helped fuel her addiction.

Lauren Kalfs's Story

Lauren Kalfs & Addiction in the Family

Lauren Kalfs, a social work student at Delta College, joins us in this Discussion. We discuss her experiences growing up with an alcoholic father, she shares her thoughts on addiction, and she talks about what inspires her to make a difference.

The Phoenix Man

The Phoenix Man

This is a very special episode as the Discussion welcomes our first international guest. We’re joined by The Phoenix Man, an online blogger from Macedonia, in our Discussion. In the episode Phoenix discusses his experiences, shares on the addiction culture of his country, and talks about his vision.

Nick Ciadella & His Son

Nick & Never Alone Recovery

In this episode we’re joined by Nick Cialdella, an Outreach and Treatment Coordinator at Never Alone Recovery, to take part in our Discussion. A Never Alone Recovery is a team of addicts in recovery helping other addicts through the process of finding treatment. A There mission is to make the process of finding and entering treatment as simple and effective as possible, while providing support and assistance throughout.

Lisa Clair & the Progressive Nature of Addiction

Lisa’s story with alcohol started out pretty normal, drinking on occasion in high school.  It wasn’t until she started college when that all changed. She recognized her alcohol use was a problem back during her second year of college.

Jessica Fraley Before and After

Meet Jessica Fraley

Jessica Fraley joins to discuss her experiences, talk about drug education, and share a little on her vision. Jessica grew up in an unstable house house where addiction was normalized.  Her father is an addict and alcoholic, her brothers used, and she started to dabble in pills at the age of 13 so drugs had always a part of life from a young age.

Two Brothers Talking Drug Education Reform

My brother Matt Kerouac joins to discuss the drug curriculum proposal we’ve got in the works.  He offers a valuable, unique perspective for two reasons: he’s 18 years old so he recently went through the public school system, and both of his brothers went through the ringer in regard to addiction. 

The Nick & Jaime Show

In this episode I’m joined by a fellow Brighton alum Jaime Fessler.   The two of us met recently when I attended an event done by her and her daughter Hope. The duo puts on the Hope and Jamie show, a talk show style engagement with a light upbeat tone where they tackle heavy issues such as addiction, substance dependency, and sexual abuse.

Jen Elizabeth

Jen Elizabeth & Shape of a Women Pt. 2

Part two of OD’s  Discussion with Jen Elizabeth author of Shape of a Woman. After sharing her incredible story we  touch on a number of topics; ranging from her approach  to parenting substance abuse as well as drug education in schools and twelve step programs.

Jen Elizabeth & Shape of a Woman Pt. 1

Fresh off the release of her new book, Shape of a Woman, Jen joins the Open Discussion Podcast for a special two part series this week. Never before have we brought you a perspective like hers.

Eric Hartman: A Realist Perspective

Eric Hartman, a Saginaw native, joins us in this episode to share his perspective on a number of topics related to drugs and addiction. More than anything our conversation centers around drug education.

An Anonymous Open Discussion

An Anonymous Open Discussion

In this episode my guest wished to remain anonymous.  He is a Saginaw native who has dealt with drug addiction for nearly ten years.  As you’ll hear he and I have very different views on the topics discussed.

Meet Brittany Parsons

Based out of Austin, TX Brittany Parsons is a lifestyle coaching for professional women who struggle with emotional eating and food addiction. Hear her incredible story of strength and perseverance!

Wade’s Story & The Impact of Plugged in Recovery

Wade Muhlhauser was a three star athlete in high school who went on to play baseball in college and at the amateur level.  He got introduced to opioids in high school following a football injury, marking the start of his progression into addiction.

Taylor & her Dad

Through Taylor’s Eyes

Taylor talks about what it was like growing up with a father who struggled with drug addiction for the first 12 years of her life. She also discusses her relationship with a high school boyfriend, a heroin addict, who died from overdose two years after their breakup.

State of the Movement: Dec. 2018

Happy holidays from the Open Discussion Movement to you! The purpose of this episode is to share the direction the ODMovement will be taking in 2019 as well as a look back at all that we’ve accomplished in 2018.  Thank you for your support of my vision.

An Open Discussion with Too Turnt Apparel

Too Turnt is a collective with the following mission: “Team up with local Artists, Vendors, Businesses, and Communities to raise awareness of serious social issues while having a little bit of fun with it.”

An Open Discussion with Jeannie & JJ

This is the first episode where I host two guests, Jeannie and JJ, to share their perspectives.  Jeannie, the mother of Erin Baringer, lost her son Dean to heroin and is in recovery herself. JJ, also a recovering addict, shares her story.

Meet Alex Stark

Incarceration can have a way of changing a man. Having your freedom taken away serving as the wakeup call some with addictive tendencies sorely need. This was the case, on some level, for Alex Stark.

The Zach Salamon Trilogy Episode III

In this episode we talk the twelve steps, Zach shares his opinion on religion and the difference between religious and spirituality. Zach shares his thoughts on how we can better combat the problem of addiction in society.

The Zach Salamon Trilogy Episode II

Zach discusses drug use during times of war, the Vietnam War in particular. An expert in cinematography, Zach shares his thoughts on how film played a role in shaping public opinion on drugs.

Hanna’s Reflection

Working in a local intensive care unit has given Hanna an interesting perspective on addiction.  A fellow Saginaw native and Heritage High School graduate; Hanna give her thoughts on growing up in a drug saturated environment.

How Could This Happen to My Daughter Pt. 1

Emily Ballien shares her perspective in this Discussion. She opens up about her seven year battle with addiction that developed from the trauma of experiencing abusive relationships. We discuss drug education and what she is doing to stay balanced.

How Could this Happen to My Daughter Pt. 2

We talk to Jeanette who shares her perspective on what it was like to have her daughter hooked on heroin. We talk about their seven year battle with her daughter Emily’s addiction.We talk about codependency. And we get her thoughts on what her family is doing to combat this problem.

Analytical Thoughts

Hansel joins our Discussion in this episode. We discuss our experience with drug education programs in school, suggest new approaches to make education on the topic more successful, as well as US drug policy as a whole.

Kaleigh’s Journey

Kaleigh joins our discussion to share her story and talk about her struggles with addiction, how her views on drugs differ from substance to substance, and a new therapy that is yielding fantastic results for her.

The Soldier’s Story

Erin Baringer has seen a lot in his life. He has first hand experience in how widespread the opiate problem has become from working at EMS. He joins our Discussion in this episode and shares his thoughts on addiction with us.

Discussion with Deshawn

Deshawn Hayes joins our Discussion in this episode. Deshawn, now the father of two, discusses Shop with Hayes his current project which is fashion consulting brand as well as his thoughts growing up in Saginaw and addiction.

Active Suffering

Justin joins our Discussion to share his perspective on what it’s like to be stuck in active addiction. We discuss his progression into drug use, the reasons behind it, and Justin opens up about the impact it’s had on his children.

The Blueprint

Our first episode: We discuss the brand, what we’re looking to accomplish, how we’re going to accomplish it, and where we’re hoping to go. O.D. will be interwoven in the fabric of the community we serve. Each piece telling its own story.

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