My Father’s Faults are my Own

We like to call the process of recognizing our parents shortcomings in ourselves as ending rationalization.  The result is a higher level of emotional intelligence, the ability to see beyond one’s self, an outward mindset.

Jen Elizabeth & Shape of a Woman Pt. 1

Fresh off the release of her new book, Shape of a Woman, Jen joins the Open Discussion Podcast for a special two part series this week. Never before have we brought you a perspective like hers.

Eric Hartman: A Realist Perspective

Eric Hartman, a Saginaw native, joins us in this episode to share his perspective on a number of topics related to drugs and addiction. More than anything our conversation centers around drug education.

The Importance of Dreaming Big

It’s become so cliche these days to preach find your purpose or follow your passion. Nonetheless, I encourage you, dear reader, to ask yourself the following questions. What’s your dream? What is it you want to do? What are you most knowledgeable on? Lastly, what are you best trained to do?

An Anonymous Open Discussion

In this episode my guest wished to remain anonymous.  He is a Saginaw native who has dealt with drug addiction for nearly ten years.  As you’ll hear he and I have very different views on the topics discussed.