Five Tools for Addiction

Dealing with Addiction: 5 Essential Tools

Diet Dealing with addiction isn't easy. Sure it sounds simple, but changing your diet can have a huge impact on your anxiety levels.  Be conscious of consuming more foods high in antioxidants like acai and blueberries. They help raise raise…

Taylor & her Dad

Through Taylor’s Eyes

Taylor Lewinski joins me in this Discussion. What made Taylor such an exciting interview was that she offers insight that we hadn't previously spoken with. Someone who grew up with an addicted parent. Usually guests tell me their views on…

The Spectrum of Drug Use

The Spectrum of Drug Use

What do you think are the differences between drug use, chemical dependency, and addiction?  Are there differences? What’s your opinion? My take is this: there are significant differences between the three and, when viewed as a whole, they make up the spectrum of drug use.