Pete’s Perspective (OSP Vol. IV)


I talk with my brother, Pete Kastros, to gain insight into his perspective.  We discuss his feelings towards me, the person who introduced him to drugs, “Everything happens for a reason. I had a lot of resentment for a while but when it comes down to it, you can’t blame anybody but yourself for your actions. I can tell you my first couple of treatment centers, I almost treated as a vacation. You meet a lot of people that are just like you, a lot of just generally good people that got caught up in fucked up situations.”

Pete still struggles with the demons of addiction.  He opens up on his feelings towards rehab programs and Narcotics Anonymous, he goes into detail on his first experience into rehab,”  My first treatment center was in Utah, I was there for 90 days and I left there feeling really good. I was in great shape, I went in at maybe 120 pounds and came out of it at maybe 185. The weather was great, I had a nice tan and everything, I felt on top of the world. I made my biggest mistake staying there with somebody that I graduated the program with, another recovering addict, which was very stupid.  We left there with the intent that this is it, man, we’re gonna get it right. We’re a support system for each other there to keep one another on the right path. That worked for a couple of weeks, and it backfired quickly.”

He shares his thoughts on how we can better combat the problem, “It’s a vicious cycle. A roller coaster I’ve been on for a long time and I’m definitely trying to get through. I think it’s something that should be covered more in a school setting as well. I would say 90 percent of drug use starts in school.  A lot of parents are cool with buying alcohol for the kids. For me, I think it’s something that should be covered more in school.”

In closing we discuss his thoughts on the OD Movement, “At first I was skeptical, but I think you’re onto something here for sure. I really liked the idea when I read that about the Narcan because I think that’s a great idea, I think that with the products and everything else, that will come later on, but I think your first step should be supplying Narcan, seeing what you can do to kinda get your name out there and just marketing yourself, putting yourself out there, and just letting the people know that you’re more so doing it now to help others and that you’ve been there.  You’ve been on a Fing ventilator, it’s serious shit, it needs to be taken serious, and that little things like this, can save people’s lives.”



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