Outside Perspective Vol. I



Welcome to the movement. Todays podcast provides the first secondhand look into my story.  My stepmom, Terri, joins me to share her perspective on my fall into addiction.  We discuss her thoughts regarding drug abuse as a whole facing the country, the progression of the disease for both my brother and me, what she thinks she could have done differently, and what she thinks I could have done.  We discuss the passing of my grandmother in December and the relapse it resulted in for my brother.

This is a taste of what you can expect when you join the movement and purchase OD Apparel.  Each future piece released will be accompanied with a QR code to unlock an interview, very similar to the one you’ll hear today, between myself and the individual who inspired the piece.  We will be interwoven into the fabric of the communities we serve.  Each piece tells a story.


  1. Love the awareness you are trying to bring and the stigma you are trying to remove. Addict’s are not just low class or abused people. Good people with great hearts fall to this disease. It hurts not only them but everyone around them that loves and cares for them. People should know the different levels and sides of this disease and have the heart to help not turn their nose up. Can’t wait to see the apparel and be able to purchase to support your cause!!

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