Outside Perspective Vol. VI

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.  This is the sixth installment to our Outside Perspective series, in it my younger brother, Ben Kastros, joins the Discussion to share his perspective.  We hadn’t planned on putting out any new content in 2018, but thought someone might be able to benefit from hearing this message before the new year.  Growing up, the best word to describe our childhood would be privileged.  In some cases, it is this sense of privilege that can breed addiction.  Ben discusses how addiction has impacted his life, not directly, but by consuming a number of his siblings.  We touch base on a wide range of topics ranging from drug abuse to religion and living with purpose.  In case you missed our other entries, you can check out my Discussion with my other other brothers Pete and Matt as well as the whole Outside Perspective series.  Where we take look at addiction through a variety of different lens.

Please send our message along to anyone who might be able to benefit from it.  You can join our discussion on social media instagram and twitter at ODMovement and Facebook at Open Discussion Apparel.

What We Discuss with Ben in Volume VI:

  • Ben shares his drug education growing up and his experience with the Nar-Anon program, a support group for family members of addicts.
  • Ben discusses his views on addiction and shares his thoughts on why he views addiction as a choice more than a disease.
  •  He talks about the impact our absence due to substance abuse had on him growing up.
  • He shares his opinion on how we can better combat the opioid epidemic.


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