The OD Movement

Our Story

Welcome to the Discussion.  OD is more than merchandise, podcasts, or content it is a Message for change.  Our vision is to become the most discussed platform online regarding dialogue around addiction.  We offer a platform with one goal: to reduce overdose fatalities. The OD Movement started to create a community of those effected by the Opioid Crisis, to provide a voice, and to shine a light on one of societies growing problems.  Born from necessity, Michigan has one of the highest rates of overdose deaths in the country, together we will change that.  Above all, we intend to save lives, give back, and stimulate dialogue.  The Open Discussion Movement is an entirely new approach to combating the Opioid crisis the has claimed so many lives in Michigan and across the country. With your support we will do just that!

Our mission is to change the stigma on addiction, open up discussion and move forward in combating this disease. The OD Movement is interwoven into the communities we serve.

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