An Open Discussion with Too Turnt Upparel

Dave Souri and Steve Komoll, the founders of Too Turnt Upparel, join the Discussion in this episode.  Too Turnt is a collective with the following mission: “Team up with local Artists, Vendors, Businesses, and Communities to raise awareness of serious social issues while having a little bit of fun with it.”

The pair, based out of Chicago, are also the founders of the Fuck Dope statement brand.  A clothing line aimed at Opening the Discussion on drugs. Dave reached out to me a few months back and I was really impressed by the work he was doing.  His collective works directly with Tim Ryan, A & Es Hope Dealer, with all the profits from their Fuck Dope line going to his organization, A Man In Recovery.  

What We Discuss with Steve & Dave in the episode:

  • Dave and Steve explain their start to a clothing line and how, coincidentally, recovery evolved into an important part of their message.   
  • How their relationship with Tim Ryan has shaped their give back initiative.
  • How the death of their close friend to overdose opened their eyes and motivated them to want to take a stand
  • Dave shares his drug education growing up and shares his thoughts on the potential shortcomings of the drug education currently in place

For more information on Too Turnt Upparel and to check out their product lines go to their site:  More information on Tim Ryan and his foundation A Man in Recovery are available at AMIRF. As always, please share this Discussion with anyone who might be able to benefit.


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