Welcome to the Movement

I would like to take a moment to thank you for checking out our website.  Our vision is to make Open Discussion (O.D.) Apparel more than an apparel company.  We will become a nationwide movement with the purpose of revolutionizing the dialogue on addiction and reassessing the problem.  It’s no surprise that drug abuse has become a major issue in our culture and we’re trying to do our part to help.  We offer consumers the opportunity to be a part of this movement by providing a clear stream between their purchase of our eclectic clothing and the positive impact to their community. The inspiration behind O.D. came to me while I was working at Buckle.  While there my favorite brand was Tentree because they were more than apparel.  They plant ten trees for each piece of clothing purchased.  My dream is to apply this concept to addiction.  Toms provides shoes, Bombas give socks to the homeless I want to figure out how apparel can be used as a vehicle for social change regarding drug abuse.  Our mission is simple: make Narcan available to everyone at risk of drug overdose.  We are going to do this through the sale of our products and by working in collaboration with local governments, medical facilities, and nonprofits to provide for those in need. Our vision is to become the most interactive brand in the fashion industry.  We will do this by having each of our designs tell a story.  Once you purchase a product you will be able to unlock this story through an exclusive podcast with who inspired the piece.  We will use our site as a tool to share stories by those affected, provide a platform to those in need, and give updates on our involvement as well as display our products.  The people impacted by this epidemic inspire our pieces; we collaborate with addicts, their loved ones, and local artists to create our designs. O.D. is interwoven in the fabric of the community we serve. Each piece tells a story.

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