State of the Movement

Four years ago today I was in rehab for the first time.  A humbling experience to say the least. It was also one that I didn’t take to heart.  My sobriety after this stint was short lived. Almost immediately I returned to my reckless lifestyle because the life I was living was still without purpose.  Today I am grateful to say that I have found my purpose. I have found it in the form of combatting my greatest demon. In sharing the stories of others who deal with substance abuse whether it be drugs or alcohol.  I appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to visit this site, to share our stories, and to contribute to an open discussion. Each month we have seen the number of traffic double. From 244 views in March to over 1,500 already in July.  This is only the beginning my friends. Open Discussion Apparel is putting the finishing touches on our first line, The Four Pillars to Balance. The artwork was done locally and given to OD. I want to thank JP Kastros, Bethany Haase, Will Novak, Josh Dillon, Gabbie LeVario, Deshawn Hayes, Zach Salamon, Erin Kirsch, Jess Kessler, Nolan and Anthony Lerma for seeing my vision and helping to create something society needs.  I would also like to thank my family for all of their help and support. Together we can break the stigma and overcome the shackles of addiction. One day at a time. OD will be participating in welcome week at SVSU and MSU in the coming months, we will be doing a statewide tour to NA/AA as well as rehab facilities in the near future, and we will be partnering with other addiction nonprofits to continue spreading awareness.  The state of the movement is strong… #ODmovement

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