Overdose Awareness Day

National OD Awareness Day

OD Announcements: We have so much going on in the upcoming weeks!  Our official product launch will take place on National Overdose Awareness Day, August 31st.  We’re still finalizing the podcasts that will accompany each piece so while products are available on the site keep in mind NOTHING WILL SHIP UNTIL THE 31st.  We will be at Michigan State University on August 28th sponsoring their Sparticipation event and Saginaw Valley State University on September 12th sponsoring their Cards Party event.  Come check us out at either welcome week event! Nick will be speaking at the September 13th Families Against Narcotics meeting at Delta College room N007. Lastly, OD KICKSTARTER COMING SOON! Be on the lookout for upcoming stops as well as an outline for the OD Roadtrip.  We will be releasing an all new podcast in our Outside Perspective Series sharing the insight of my little brother Matt Kerouac, expect that to be released this weekend. And now, the purpose of this piece is to provide an update on O.D. Occurrences as well as shed light on the perspectives of one of our contributors.  The views expressed in this piece are not necessarily shared with OD…

The past few years have been filled with ups and downs.  From my perspective there have been times where things were been a mess and times when they’ve been great.  For this post, I wanted to bring to light what this organization has done for me, both as a contributor, and an onlooker.  I would also like to shed light on the numerous campaigns that attempt to challenge drug abuse and overdose worldwide.

Looking back, there was a point when I would not have given second thought to any of this kind of stuff.  To be honest, I thought talking about addiction just made you less of a person, that it made you weak. People would look down on you, and you’d never have the same views from your peers that you once did.  I never would have went public with something like this. Why? Because years ago, it was shunned. I’ve seen it change first hand over the years.

Consider that I have seen people fighting addiction since 2008, I have to say it’s changed in the last few years.  It’s no longer shunned, it’s a public epidemic. Doctors everywhere, national news stations, everyone who’s anyone knows someone who has dealt with addiction.  It’s amazing the network of people I’ve been able to gain just as a small part of this organization.

With groups like Open Discussion Apparel and events like National Overdose Awareness Day drug addiction has been brought out of the darkness and into the light.  No longer are the days when people with problems are cast aside, but their voices are heard. It’s become more common to talk about in our nation than ever before.  As a result it’s made people like myself, and others more comfortable to tell their stories. Partially because of Nick, and his way of interviewing people, and partially because the time was just right to move forward with this idea.  But, now I’m rambling.

Earlier today, we submitted a proposal to National Overdose Awareness Day.  We intend to hold an event for this organization on the day. Like people across the country, we won’t be stigmatizing addicts, but instead, celebrating their stories and more.  If you’d like to join, come and speak, or just be a part of this, reach out on any of the social networks. Or even call any of us directly. A venue will be determined shortly, and it’s sure to be an experience.  

Come out and share a poem, a story, or just get a coffee.  You don’t have to sit in the silence any longer. Talking about this stuff is what makes this group great, and I’m finally starting to realize this from both perspectives.  Daily I see messages from random people who neither of us knew beforehand, but want to reach out and tell your story. AND THAT’S BEAUTIFUL! See you August 31st, 2018.



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