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In Response to Holly

This is written in response to Hip Sobriety’s Post Hi, My Name is Holly, and I’m NOT an Alcoholic *. (*Because there is no such thing).  This is an exert to my response to that original post.

Life Lost: Rest Peacefully Mac

In honor of Malcolm McCormick (Mac Miller). Who, On Sept. 7, tragically succumbed to an overdose. This piece is meant to provide a chronology on addiction using one man’s progression. Our prayers go out to Mac and his loved ones.

Ballien Story Concept Art

All of the concept designs we have created for the “How could this Happen to My Daughter” series. A special thanks to Michelle Tietz for interpreting such amazing designs. Both Emily and Jeanette’s podcasts are live. You can hear the story behind the artwork, in their own words, under OD Podcasts.

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An OD Update

Hi my name is Nick Kastros and I’m an addict.  This entry is meant to provide a summary about where OD began and how far we have come over the last eight months.  I have two questions for you: what makes you happy and are you happy at this moment?

Overdose Awareness Day

National OD Awareness Day

We have so much going on in the upcoming weeks!  Our official product launch will take place on National Overdose Awareness Day, August 31st.  We’re still finalizing the podcasts that will accompany each piece so while products are available on the site keep in mind NOTHING WILL SHIP UNTIL THE 31st.  We will be at Michigan State University on August 28th sponsoring their Sparticipation event and Saginaw Valley State University on September 12th sponsoring their Cards Party event


How do I learn acceptance?  That was the question recently posed to me by an O.D. contributor and friend.  After all, what do we even mean when we tell somebody they need to learn to accept “it” anyways and how do you teach someone how to do this?  In this context acceptance is the willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation. So why is it that such a seemingly simple concept is so freaking hard to implement?

Four Pillars to Balance

What sets Open Discussion Apparel apart from everybody else is each one of our pieces tells a story.  Moving forward those stories will be focused on individuals who have been impacted and their perseverance. So what about our initial launch?  If these four designs don’t follow that blueprint what do they stand for?  What does all of this mean, and what are these Pillars?  Those questions will be answered in this post.

Narcan now OTC

PSA: Narcan is now OTC

This piece was written by an OD contributor following a recent interaction at a local pharmacy.  It is important for the public to know Narcan is now available in Michigan WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION.  Please share this with anyone who might benefit from this message…

State of the Movement

Four years ago today I was in rehab for the first time.  A humbling experience to say the least. It was also one that I didn’t take to heart.  My sobriety after this stint was short lived. Almost immediately I returned to my reckless lifestyle because the life I was living was still without purpose.  Today I am grateful to say that I have found my purpose.

Overdose & a PSA

My Overdose and a PSA

Let me paint the picture for you.  It’s late morning on December 6, 2014. I’ve spent the last 24 hours ingesting a lethal dose of opiates and am fading in and out of consciousness, head in the sink,  face down in my own vomit. To be clear, this isn’t a normal drug bender, this is a suicide attempt.

An Addict’s Reflection

Open Discussion O.D. Apparel is committed to furthering the dialogue on addiction. The following excerpt is one addict’s perspective on his battles as well as the drug issue at large.  Note: the views expressed in this post are not necessarily shared with OD…

Welcome to the Movement

I would like to take a moment to thank you for checking out our website.  Our vision is to make Open Discussion (O.D.) Apparel more than an apparel company.  We will become a nationwide movement with the purpose of revolutionizing the dialogue on addiction and reassessing the problem.

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