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Welcome to the Open Discussion (OD) Movement. The OD vision is to become the most discussed platform online around dialogue of addiction in society.  There are three simple goals behind our mission:

  1. Open the Discussion Around Addiction.
  2. Reassess the Problem of Drugs in Society
  3. Provide Aid to those in Need.

OD’s a podcast & blog obsessed with differing perspectives on all things drugs, substance abuse, and addiction. Specifically, perspectives highlighting the reality of addiction not simply being a disease afflicted upon individuals, but rather a disease on families & communities.

The nuances of addiction, The legality of drugs, the significance use has on a person’s development or well-being, and even the clashing of beliefs between choice vs. disease all make for reasonable topics of debate. However, what isn’t reasonable is the argument that use is a victimless crime.

In addition, we believe a great benefit comes with viewing the descent into addiction through various lens, along with the addict’s themselves, in helping to best understanding the progression. Above all, we aim to share the experience, strength, and hope of the success stories.

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