Jen Elizabeth & Shape of a Woman Pt. 1

It’s your lucky Monday! We’ve got some truly unique content in store for you this week. Instead of producing our usual written material today OD welcomes you to the first half of our two part podcast series with Jen Elizabeth.  Fresh off the release of her new book, Shape of a Woman, Jen joins the Open Discussion Podcast for a special two part series this week.  Calling in from Murrieta, CA (our furthest geographical guest yet) we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to welcome her to the show. Part II now available.

Never before have we brought you a perspective like Jens.  In part one we discuss with her a variety of topics, including her early life. At the age of two her family joined a religious “movement” uprooting from California to move across the country to Alabama.  In reality this was less of a movement than it was a cult.  With manipulation rampant, Jen was only five when one of the “Shepards,” the term the group used for their religious leaders, begun grooming her. The exploitation soon turned into sexual abuse, that  lasted until Jen was 9 years old. It was that year her father got to the point where he said enough is enough and moved the family back to California.

Jen Elizabeth

Jen shares her relationship with her mother.  Mental illness, as well as addiction are common themes running through her family.  Her mother suffers from bipolar disorder and munchausen syndrome, as well as munchausen biproxy this was particularly interesting to me because I’ve never known much about those particular mental disorders. 

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What We Discuss with Jen:

  • Jen opens up about her early life living in a cult as well as being the victim of sexual abuse. 
  • She discusses the differing relationships in her family unit, her mother in particular, as well as the common themes of mental illness and addiction that arise.
  • Jen shares on her progression into substance abuse and addiction.
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