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The OD Movement Podcast Season: One Featuring Phoenix Man

The Phoenix Man

This is a very special episode as the Discussion welcomes our first international guest. We’re joined by The Phoenix Man, an online blogger from Macedonia, in our Discussion. In the episode Phoenix discusses his experiences, shares on the addiction culture of his country, and talks about his vision.

The OD Movement Podcast Season: One Featuring Nic Caildella

Nick & Never Alone Recovery

Nick Cialdella, an Outreach and Treatment Coordinator at Never Alone Recovery, joins us in this Discussion. Never Alone Recovery is a team of addicts in recovery helping other addicts through the process of finding treatment. There mission is to make the process of finding and entering treatment as simple and effective as possible, while providing support and assistance throughout.

Meet Jessica Fraley

Jessica Fraley joins to discuss her experiences, talk about drug education, and share a little on her vision. Jessica grew up in an unstable house house where addiction was normalized.  Her father is an addict and alcoholic, her brothers used, and she started to dabble in pills at the age of 13 so drugs had always a part of life from a young age.

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