Inconceivable Concepts

Concepts Inconceivable in Addiction

Have there ever been times in your life where you’ve tried explaining a concept or idea to someone and for whatever reason, it just wouldn’t click? This article goes over four concepts that were incomprehensible during active addiction but have become cornerstones for me to become well.

More of the Formative Years: A Scathing review of the D.A.R.E Program

When you’re an addict, at least from my experience, you don’t understand the difference between pleasure and happiness.  That is, more appropriately, you confuse pleasure with happiness. Pleasure is brought on by an external source and it only lasts for…

The Chris Benoit Tragedy

Chris Benoit a Tragedy

Anyone familiar with professional wrestling from the mid to late 90s to the early 2000s will recognize the name, Chris Benoit. The five-time best technical wrestler was a staple of the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the companies successful…

Tales from my Youth

Growing up in a broken home, bouncing back and forth between two parents with mad love in their hearts had its pros and cons.  My parents, fueled with venomous animosity towards one other, made easy targets for subterfuge and manipulation.…

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