An Open Discussion with Jeannie & JJ

This is the first episode where I host two guests, Jeannie and JJ, to share their perspectives.  Jeannie is the mother of Erin Baringer and Dean, you might remember Erin from our previous episode, The Soldier’s Story, where he talks about his experiences with overdose from being a paramedic as well as his brother Dean passing from a fatal heroin overdose.   She is also in recovery herself, and in this episode she shares what it was like to see addiction from two different perspectives, that of an addict and that of a mother.  Jeannie was actually in treatment when she found out her son Dean had passed. JJ, also a recovering addict, had been in treatment with her at the time.

What We Discuss with Jeannie and JJ:

  • JJ shares her story, being adopted, growing up in Boston and how lacking a sense of belonging contributed to her turning to drugs.
  • Both women share their experiences in drug education, what it was like in school, and how the education looked from two different generations.
  • Jeannie shares, what she believes, would be a more successful drug education plan for today’s youth.
  •  Jeannie talks about the passing of her son Dean from a heroin overdose, the loss occurred while she was in treatment dealing with her own demons.
  • Both women touch on how their thoughts have progressed.

This is an excellent episode that touches on a wide range of viewpoints from different generations to what it’s like viewing drugs both first and second hand.  As always you can join our discussion on social media instagram and twitter at ODMovement and facebook at Open Discussion Apparel. 

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