Additional Perspectives

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Dad Becomes Homeless to Save Drug Addicted Daughter’s Life

The article tells the story of a father, Paul DiGiacomo, whose daughter is a heroin addict. While watching an Anderson Cooper 360 segment on the opioid epidemic, Paul and his wife were shocked when their daughter appeared as an interviewee. So Paul packed his bags, went to the “methadone mile” where his daughter was located and set up camp.

The Secret Of Relating To Your Addicted Parent

This article was written by Lee Weber and appears in  Spelling errors aside, the article provides fantastic what the environment looks like in a situation with a parent dealing with addiction.  While acknowledging you can’t make some achieve sobriety it offers useful information on what someone can do in a situation with a parent addict.

What Causes Addiction?

This article appears in The Medical News Today.  The article provides a short explanation on the science behind the brain chemistry regarding the complex disease of addiction.   The article focuses on two simple questions: What causes addiction and why does addiction occur.

Rethinking How We Measure Addiction

This article appears in Psychology Today.  The article provides interesting insight on how addiction is measured and how the success from coping with addiction is determined.  It proposes alternative measures of success to the widely held abstinence based model.