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Hello, my name is Nick Kastros and nothing in this world fascinates me more than talking to other people. Welcome to the Open Discussion (OD) Movement, my very own slice of the internet. God put me on this earth to listen. One of the few things that brings me levels of enjoyment comparable to listening to someone new telling me their personal journey through life sharing their experiences, strengths, and hopes is intelligent discussion or debate.

Drugs- getting high- form the basis of an obsession that for better or worse (mostly for worse) effectively dictated my existence from an early age. However, even before the drug use began the subtle signs of addiction had started surfacing. Through my personal struggles I created the Open Discussion (OD) Movement with a basic mission made up of three simple goals:

  1. Open the Discussion Around Addiction.
  2. Reassess the Problem of Drugs in Society.
  3. Provide Aid to those in Need.

Above all, we aim to achieve these goals through our content and our message.

Why Me?

What makes me proficient enough for such a bold undertaking? In other words, why should you bother listening to what I think?

I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into my message; sharing the most vulnerable and intimate moments of my life. I’ve not only opened my life up for critique, but I went back and gathered the perspectives of those closest to me, my family, to gain insight into opinions on the path to addiction. All of this was done with the hope that I might be able to reach just one person to improve their life’s journey, shed light on their struggles, or provide some degree of inspiration. 

This site is effectively the virtual piece to my soul. My blogs outline my story, down to the last grungy detail. I share my trials and tribulations, my perspective, and the perspectives of others; as well as what worked for me and what didn’t in my journey to find my true self. Additionally, we address the hot button discussions on drugs when they arise in today’s society. My podcasts investigate the world through the perspectives of our guests. To celebrate and gain insight into their successes, see the hope that shines through their failures, and share applicable real-world knowledge about what’s worked in their worlds that you can use to improve your life today.

Thank you for visiting our site! Be sure to check us out on Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Want your story & your voice heard? Please get in contact with us either through social media or email at opendiscussionapparel@gmail.com.

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