Mother's Day Open Discussion

Mother’s Day: An Open Letter

Today is Mother’s Day, a day to recognize the most important woman in our lives.  To all the mothers out there thank you for all that you do. Moms are great, they love you unconditionally from day one and provide someone to talk to whenever you need.  I’ve been blessed to have two woman in my life.

I didn’t know what to do as a gift for you guys, gift givings never been a strongpoint of mine.  After thinking about it, I figured probably the best thing I could do was express my gratitude and thanks for helping me find my path in this world through my writing.  This post is an open letter to my Mom and Stepmom recognizing them for all that they have done. Here goes…

To my Mom

Mother's Day with my Mom

The one and only woman who gave me life.  I can’t adequately put into words how grateful I am to be your son. I haven’t always treated you fairly, showed you the appreciation I should, or given you the respect you deserved; and yet you’ve shown me what it means to have unconditional love.

Thinking of the goofy things we used to do, from the “hairy monster” gag to the Bill Clinton impersonations, still makes me laugh.  Even now whenever I’m having a bad day you’re the person I call because you always cheer me up. I still remember you reading “Love You Forever” to me when I was young and all the times you woke up in the morning to make me eggs and toast before school.  Thinking of the quirky little notes you left in my lunch box still puts a smile on my face. You’ve always made me feel special and have encouraged my every endeavor.

Some of my fondest memories as a child come from that house we had at the dead end of Wieneke Rd.  With endless games of street hockey in the spring and summer you always opened the home up to our friends and the neighbor kids.

Thank you for loving me when it was hard to do.  Thank you for being my strength when I was at my lowest points in life, for being my number one fan.  Lastly, thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.

To my Stepmom

Mother's Day My Stepmom

You’ve treated me as though I was your own from the moment we met.  You’ve opened your home to me and you literally saved my life how could I ever repay you?  Always you have been open and available to me, and consistently you’ve been one of my greatest advocates.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

I could always here you over everybody yelling words of encouragement to me during hockey games.  You’ve always been so welcoming, making our home the place to hang out for me and my friends. That old farmhouse on Dice road, cruising around on dirt bikes and swimming in the pool, was one of my favorite places as a child.

At the time I took for granted all of the incredible vacation destinations we went on, but looking back they are some of my fondest memories.  Parents are supposed to provide for their children, step parents don’t carry the same expectation. However, I don’t think I could have been blessed with a more accommodating Step mom.  You went above and beyond what was ever expected or required from you in shaping my life.

Thank you for making me feel like your son and raising me with such kindness.  Thank you for supporting me in all that I do even when the world seems against me.  Lastly, thank you for believing in me even when I couldn’t believe in myself.

In Closing

There are not enough words to convey my appreciation in this open letter- there’s too much to say, and if I included apologies, too much I’m sorry for.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the two of you in my life. I know how difficult I made it at times, but you’ve both supported me through absolutely everything.

It hasn’t always been easy.  There were the obvious ups and downs of any relationship, magnified of course by my drug induced insanity.  I never apologized for all the tears I’ve caused to be shed or thanked you guys for all the great home cooked meals over the years, the seemingly countless loads of laundry, the housekeeping, and the special treatment when I was sick.  Please know how much all the sacrifices and amazing memories mean to me today.

You were both at every basketball and hockey game; through divorce, rehab, and all the other moments of darkness in my life you’ve been there.  Not a day passes where I don’t feel blessed to call you both mom. Happy Mother’s Day to two of the best out there. If interested here are my podcasts with my Mom and Stepmom.

Happy Mother’s Day with all of my love now and forever,



  1. This truly is such a wonderful gift! You’re an awesome person Nick to do such a loving thing! You were always such a great friend to my Chad and I absolutely loved having you around! God bless you! Charee Clark

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