Maintain Goals

Maintaining Your Goals

How do we maintain our goals? At a certain point in life when you have learned to practice acceptance, how do you work on maintaining all the positivity you have gained from your new, healthier perspective? Similarly, how do you hold onto your knowledge without getting beaten down?

I feel that I frequently experience moments of enlightenment, but at times it can be hard to stay enlightened. I fall back into my negative way of thinking. This is frustrating because I have had several breakthroughs when deep in thought, I want to build on these truths and stay in a good mindset.

What are some of the best methods you can use to hold on to good thoughts, your goals, and encourage a healthy mindset?

  • Positive Self-talk
  • Motivational notes
  • Making a point to reach out to friends
  • Different forms of art
  • Blogging
  • Todo lists
  • Working out (even taking extra care with your outfit or appearance is a form of positivity)

It is essential to do something positive for yourself with regularity: Be critical but also forgiving. Find balance.  We live in a wild world full of options and opinions. Therefore, develop your own opinions, and choose the best options for yourself. Find your fit.  Trust God to maintain the positivity in your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Above all, don’t be afraid to be kind to yourself.  Treat yourself like you would treat your dearest friend.  Offer yourself practical advice.  Think outside of yourself.  Furthermore, accept healthy criticism.  Most importantly, love yourself.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep pushing forward. Personally, I flourish with structure. I like to make a plan for myself, but along with that planning needs to come the ability to go with the flow. You build a relationship with yourself just as you do with other people and it can be a healthy or unhealthy relationship. It can be hard to see ourselves as we truly are, but that is part of getting to know who you are. Along with getting to know yourself comes finding the life you want to lead, the friends you keep in your life, and the positivity that is important to radiate. Whatever we gain for ourselves we must teach. In other words, this is the only way to spread our message and continue forwarding our open discussions.


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