Memoirs of an Addict Pt. IX

Andy B had a much different homelife than what I was accustomed to.  While my parents provided all the earthly delights a young child could think of his parents epitomized the other end of the materialistic spectrum.  Providing very little in terms of extravagant doodads. It’s no wonder he took to me so quickly. Who wouldn’t want their new bestie to be Saginaw’s very own embodiment of Richie Rich?  I already had an interest in hockey and video games. Andy liked hockey and video games, so my interest in them went from tepid to obsession rather quickly.

Looking back I remember beginning to figure things out in 8th grade.  Unfortunately, the year was short and when high school rolled around I was back to drowning in my insecurities.  My parents, while I know they did their best, coddled me. Coupled with their tremulous relationship resulted in me being scared of my own shadow for a large part of my life.


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