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Sparticipation & OD

OD’s committed to changing the dialogue around addiction and shifting the scope of the Discussion.  We were on the campus of Michigan State University this week to attend Sparticipation and this is an entry summarizing the experience.

Onto The Event

First off, I want to say thank you to MSU for hosting us this week it was a fantastic experience. The Sparticipation event was a great way for us to meet with the students and talk to them about our cause. All the students loved our merch and loved the Four Pillars line. We also got wonderful feedback on our podcasting segments. The idea of giving people the platform to share their stories resonated with everyone. A few students reached out and briefly, shared their own stories on how addiction has impacted their lives. They may even do a podcast (fingers crossed!)  With over 10,000 incoming freshmen you better believe we did some talking! I personally talked to at least a couple hundred students.

I wasn’t surprised by the sincere support and embrace from the Spartans. However, what did surprise me was how little knowledge about the opioid crisis there was amongst the class. Only about half of the students knew there even was an opioid crisis in the state of Michigan and even less (only about 14 out of 300!) students knew what Narcan was. It seems we will have a long road of educating the public on addiction and how widespread it truly is. Above all, this reality is why Open Discussion Apparel is striving to break the stigma of addiction and shift the dialogue. Shout out to the on-campus recovery student group called the Travelers Club. We’ll be attending their showing of “The Long Way Back” the story of Todd Z Man Zalkins. In conclusion, Sparticipation was AMAZING, keep up the good work and Sparty on MSU!

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