Outside Perspective Vol. V

My youngest brother, Matt Kerouac, joins our discussion in the fifth installment of our Outside Perspective series.  Matt, 17, has been exposed to drugs in some capacity his entire life. We discuss what is was like for him to grow up with two brothers dealing with addiction, the difficulties high school presents, and his thoughts on the growth of the problem.

“As a kid growing up and going to high school, I have had drugs be a big part of my life and a big part of my upbringing being around them so much. I’ve had many friends who have been affected, my brothers who have been affected by drugs and I think that it’s an epidemic. It’s something that it needs to be addressed.”

The interview showed me just how wise he is at his age.  When discussing how to better address addiction Matt provided me with one of the most insightful perspectives I’ve heard thus far:

“I think, oddly enough, the (best) approach would be to shy away from drugs make sure people are informed about drugs themselves.  Rather, start from the roots of addiction and start from knowing how to identify addictive personalities, addictive behaviors, all the way from being addicted to drugs, to pornography, to drinking, to anything that can be addictive. Anything that gives you that sense of euphoria, you focus on teaching people and people who aren’t as familiar with it about addiction in itself instead of just the drug side of it, which is what people usually focus on.”

As always please send this along to anyone who might be able to find strength in our message.


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